Julie C Schrag
Special Education Consultant


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Success Stories

From the first time we met Julie, it was clear that she truly cared about what was best for my son and because of that, I trusted her immediately. She worked tirelessly to create a program tailored made to his needs and I believed that she would do what was right for him in every situation. Through clear communication and empathy for what it’s like to be a parent, Julie created a collaborative relationship with me and I knew that no matter what happened, we would get to a place of understanding and mutuality.

The program she created for my son was multidimensional and included having him in a unique variety of settings that fit his educational and social needs. She kept a close eye on his progress and always made timely adjustments when it became necessary. The collaboration she created with other educators in the building and in the district benefited my son’s learning experience tremendously. Her vast knowledge of autism and her commitment to continuing her own education around the nuances of learning styles and teaching techniques were a huge asset to the school, and to my family.

Julie was my son’s primary contact at school for five years and she became like family to us. We trusted her implicitly and my son thought of her, not just as a wonderful teacher, but a caring, loving confidant that gave him an anchor at school no matter what was happening around him.

~Miguel's Mom, Jennifer H. M.


ADVOCATE:   Thank you for helping me be a better parent by guiding me through the chaos of IEP's, testing, and educational lingo which can be confusing and intimidating. Having you there with me help me find my voice. I learned by watching you and talking before going into meetings. Advocacy is so important for the special need population, because they often cannot do it for themselves. Julie's guidance and focus looking toward long-term goals of integrating Noah into general education with and without SE support has made it possible to stretch his ability little by little, setting the bar just high enough to reach with hard work and determination. You celebrated the small and big accomplishments with us and creatively set new goals.

COMMUNICATION/PROFESSIONALISM:   Julie's professionalism never failed. She communicates clearly and timely to my many emails and phone calls. Her patience to try new ideas and integrate the family into the plan was beyond beneficial. As a parent, it is important to maintain a feeling of understanding and control, to be a part of the 'team' meeting the needs of your child. Julie understands the importance of this.

GOALS:   Give Julie the goal and she will be honest in the assessment, or reality of meeting it, and plan out how to get there. It can be increasing reading skill, language and understanding by uniquely plugging in the childs interest areas and educating on several levels - reading a recipe, listening to a story, reading aloud, etc.

LONGEVITY:   Julie has been open to assisting me meet Noah's changing needs over the past 8 years that I have known her. Off and on, I know I can return to her and count on the same quality of service. Now that Noah is in the teen years, he is encountering higher level needs. I look forward to Julie's creative assistance in growing Noah into a productive man with a career that will challenge and be appropriate for his skill set.

BEHAVIORAL/DISCIPLINE:  Julie's focus is on the positive, however small it may be, but there are also clear guidelines for consequences to behaviors. Set up and understood in advance, taught through social stories, written, charts, etc. Noah, challenge that he can be, has thrived with consistent praise and consequences. It works so well with his black and white thinking.

~Noah's Mom, Debra M.


Julie is one of the most conscientious, hard-working and caring special education teacher's I know. She understands the meaning of individualizing an education program for each student that she works with. She has so many wonderful teaching skills which enable her to address and understand the whole child, which includes working with and helping each child's parents. I highly recommend her to work with any child with a disability.

Sonja R. de Boer, Ph.D., B.C.B.A.
de Boer Consulting & Training, LLC



From the start, Julie was an advocate for our son.  She created an amazing bond with him.  She helped us as parents to continue at home what she was doing at school.  She knew how to handle every situation that arose with incredible knowledge of the disorder.  We feel extremely blessed to have the opportunity to have her work with our family.

~Jack's Parents, Kris & Chuck H.



It is difficult for parents to initially hear that their child has a learning disadvantage but what makes it that much more difficult is navigating the education system.  As parents of a child with PDD, we are mindful of the responsibility that entails being your child's advocate. The relationship a parent has with their child's teacher is critical to the success that your child will feel just simply getting through the day.  Julie Schrag is that Educator that you wish for your child or any child.  The dedication and care that she puts forth in helping your child to be successful throughout his/her school day eases the worry that a parent carries daily. Julie shares the responsibility with the parent and is honest and open with decisions and situation at hand.  There are difficult realities that a parent must face but if they do not have the honest rapport with their Child's teacher, there is not a chance for success. 

Julie instills a sense of trust that facilitates the way for a parent to deal with their child's disability without fear or shame. Julie Schrag empowers the parent to take on their childs education and get to work.  Let's help our children succeed.

~Joaquin's Parents, Susie and Nevie J.

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