Julie C Schrag
Special Education Consultant


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Services for Parents
"...Two roads diverged in a wood, and I -- I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference."
~ Robert Frost, The Road Not Taken

Your Concerns at Home: It is tough work, improving the quality of your child's life and the daily functioning of your family. I would like to provide you with personalized parenting tools while keeping you, your unique child, your family, and your lifestyle as top priorities.

Your Skill Development: I maximize and accelerate positive change in your home by developing your parenting knowledge and skills. A plan is developed and followed with supportive instruction which uses concrete formats related to your child's special needs. Progress is based on replacing ineffective patterns with effective tools. Through direct instruction, you can sustain your learning and apply it for years to come. 

A combination of methods are used to produce relevant learning.  Through instruction, consultation, home coaching, and video and audio reviews we impact
 "real-time" issues to accomplish specific goals to increase your parenting successes:

  • Behaviors, environments, and interactions are accessed and evaluated directly
  • Time spent talking about problems is decreased while time spent on planning and implementation of helpful interventions is increased
  • Parenting change is supported through modeling, guided practice, helpful prompts, and immediate honest feedback

Your Concerns at School: You are your child's best advocate but the load can be heavy. My hope is that you have a team helping you and that your child's learning needs are currently being met. If this is not the case, I understand how confusing, slow, and frustrating the process can be. My special education background, extensive knowledge of the school system, and innovative ideas are available to:  

  • Develop your advocacy skills
  • Act as your partner at school meetings
  • Observe the school setting, offering feedback and recommendations pertaining to:
    • IEP's and 504 Plans
    • Daily student schedule, programming, and curriculum   
    • Functional Behavior and Behavior Interventions
    • Data Collection
    • Continuity of communication and skill development between home and school
    • Curriculum, technology, other professional support connections, community resource, and more...

                                     Together, we can break down barriers
                                     and find new pathways that lead to success


                                    Getting started:  A no charge consultation call is provided to discuss your history, your concerns, your goals, and your questions.

                                    Working Together:  If you choose to contract with me, s
                                    ervices are provided in your home or in offices, located in Kent and Bothell, Washington.  Phone, Skype, and email options are also available.

                                    Fees:  By the hour, or service packages are available to meet personalized needs.

                                    Serving the Seattle - Tacoma area

                                    Julie C Schrag 253-709-3250
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